Benefits of studying in a Regional Area

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Do you know that those who have graduated from a regional educational institution and have lived in regional Australia are eligible for a second Temporary Graduate Visa?

As defined by the Australian Government – Department of Home Affairs, the regional definition is comprised of 3 categories. However, additional incentives for skilled migrants are offered to those who migrate to locations classified as Category 2 or Category 3. Thus, the applicant who studies and lives in any of these regional locations is eligible for a second Temporary Graduate Visa. 

What are the conditions, 

  1. The applicant needs to remain in the regional area for the duration of their new visa, which could be a year-long or up to two years based on the regional location. 
  • If you study in a regional area – category 2, you may be eligible for an additional year on a second Temporary Graduate visa.
  • If you study in a regional area – Category 3, you may be eligible for an additional two years on a second Temporary Graduate Visa. 

What is the category of the city I am currently living in, or I am planning to live in? 

  • Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – Category 1 
  • Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Wollongong/Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart – Category 2 
  • ‘ Other Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas’ – Category 3 

More details here on the immigration website.

Additional to this extension on the graduate stream, regional areas have, since November 2019, the skilled regional permanent resident visa or the skilled provisional visas (2), leading to Permanent Residency. Furthermore, those who have lived, studied, and worked in a regional area will receive additional points on their migration profile.


We have now discussed one of the main reasons for the rising number of international students who prefer regional areas to live, study and work in Australia. However, there are other great reasons for everyone to select regional areas as the primary destination

Tailored Courses

They are a vast range of quality courses and first-world education providers in all regional areas. However, although they have the same offerings as those in major cities, they also offer a more tailored portfolio to locally demanded skills and needs. 

Relaxing lifestyle with many pleasures

It is a more relaxing lifestyle where getting  involved in the host culture and new community is pretty easy. You can still also enjoy the pleasure of the big cities. 

Unique local experience

Regional Areas provide you with a unique experience at University, enjoying the natural scenery and increasing your opportunities to get a job in the first place due to lack of active workforce and skilled personnel.

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