Living Cost

Average living costs depend on many factors. Our basic needs are a roof over our heads, food and transportation. While food costs in Australia are similar in most cities, it is assumed to be between AU$80 and AU$200 per week, depending on how much you eat out. Public transport costs are on average $50 a week in all cities if you use it regularly (at least five days a week). Accommodation prices vary widely from state to state. For example, in Adelaide (South Australia), the rental prices per room start from AU$160 a week, and you can get your own house for as little as AU$300 a week! In Sydney, on the other hand, a room’s weekly rent is between AU$200 and AU$400.

The minimum wage in Australia is AU$23.23 per hour, but many popular casual jobs pay $27-35 an hour on weekdays and $35-45 on weekends. $50-70 per hour is what you could get working on public holidays.  Studies have shown people in Australia earn a minimum of AU$400-AU$500 a week. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection estimates that it costs $461.53 per week ($24000 per year) for an overseas visitor to study in Australia.

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