Australian Universities with the best employment Outcomes

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Every year, University Rankings are provided worldwide to discuss each institutions’ strengths and characteristics. The ratings and rankings help International students make informed decisions when selecting Universities worldwide. However, did you know that students can now access employment outcomes for many Universities around the globe?

This article presents the Australian Universities ranking within the Top 200 Universities worldwide based on the 2021/2022 measurement, along with the employment outcomes for both Undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Australia.

13 Australian Universities have entered the 2021/2022 top 200 Universities worldwide

Surprisingly, these highly recognised institutions worldwide do not hold the higher Australia’s undergraduate and postgraduate outcomes for the 2021/2022 period. Here is the list of the top 20 Universities with the best Undergraduate and Postgraduate Outcomes based on the Good Education Media and the Good University guide portal.

Australian RankingUniversityWorldwide RankingUndergraduate Employment OutcomePostgraduate Employment Outcome
1 University of Sydney 4 78.2% 88.3%
2 University of Melbourne 7 61.1% 86.3%
3 University of New South Wales 36 78.5% 90.3%
4 University Of Queensland 49 74.2% 83.4%
5 University of Technology Sydney 69 74.7% 84.9%
6 Monash University 79 73.8% 83.1%
7 Australian National University 84 71.3% 88.1%
8 RMIT University 97 70% 81.5%
9 Queensland University of Technology 111 68.5% 88%
10 Macquarie University 121 71.2% 86.1%
11 University of Western Australia 141 56% 81.6%
12 University of Adelaide 171 66.2% 78.9%
13 University of Wollongong 181 72.3%% 87.4%%

The Undergraduate Full-Time Employment ratings in Australia

This rating compares the employment rates of graduates from different universities, identifying those education providers whose proportion of graduates were employed full time four months after completing their course.

Postgraduate Full-Time Employment ratings in Australia.

This rating compares the employment rates of graduates from different universities. It looks at the proportion of graduates who were employed full time four months after completing their course.


Australia is an amazing destination when it comes to abroad education and experiences. Its outstanding Institutions provide world-class education and bring enormous opportunities to all its graduates, from International Scholarships to successful careers and full-time employment outcomes.

Suppose you are thinking to pursue an International Degree in Australia. In that case, you can be confident that you can work, travel, and enjoy your OZExperience to the Fullest when holding a student visa.

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