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Working part-time while you study is a great way to gain international experience, cover your daily and study expenses, and improve your English fluency. You can also gain work experience by doing an international student internship. With a bit of luck, you could even find a paid internship. Depending on the college or university you choose to study at, you could get an internship as part of the course. Otherwise, you can do it as an elective or on the side of your degree.

Australia is known for its strong economy and shallow unemployment rate – only 6%. This ensures good working conditions for its citizens and international students, immigrants, and visitors. As a student, you can easily find a job within the first few weeks of arriving in Australia. However, you should note that these are generally labouring jobs. Better paid jobs with more professional development opportunities are available to those with good English and proven qualifications in a particular field. Your employment options will then depend on your personal preferences, experience, and English skills, along with how actively you look for work.

If you decide to work in Australia, you will need a bank account, a Tax File Number (TFN) and a resume in English. Do not worry, LinAs will help you with these tasks!  However, one thing you need to remember is that Australian employers prefer experience over diplomas and certificates. References from previous employers are almost always requested, so bringing some referential letters from home and growing your network in Australia is important. 

Our agency has been operating in the Australian market for years, and that gives us a significant advantage over other agencies. We will let you take full advantage of our database of allied businesses seeking employees and will connect you with other international students in Australia through our Networking events. This might not guarantee your success landing a job, as a lot will depend on you, but it would give you a fair advantage over other job seekers. If you put your head and heart, you could be soon making your way to your first job in Australia. 

Please note that the official government data states that the minimum salary in Australia in 2020 was AU$19.84 per hour (or $753.80 per week), and all businesses operating in Australia must adhere to it. As an alternative, you can start your own business, and for that, you will need to get an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you require further information, please book a one-on-one consultation, and one of our student experts will guide you throughout the whole process.

The most popular business sectors hiring overseas students:
  •        Hospitality (cafés, bars and restaurants)
  •        Trade (supermarkets, shopping centers and clothing shops)
  •        Tourism (hotels and motels)
  •        Sales
  •        Administration
  •        Cleaning
  •        Construction work
  •        Farm work (mostly fruit picking)
Here are a few examples of remuneration per hour:
  •       waiter – $15-$30 (plus tips)
  •       cleaner – $15-$25
  •       kitchen hand – $12-$18
  •       child minding/ au pair /elderly care – $15-$25
  •       chef – $15-$25
  •       personal trainer – $30-$50
  •       lifeguard – $15-$40
  •       painter / labourer – $15-$35

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