Student Visa

Student Visa


Is your dream to experience life Down Under a.k.a. Australia? 

Do you want to study and work to gain experience and fund your adventures in Australia? 

A Student Visa might be exactly what you need for your dream to come true. “Study & Work” program has so much to offer to young people from around the world. It is  lifetime experience. A chance that Australia gives you. A chance you cannot miss!

International students in Australia

In 2019 there were almost 1,000,000 international students in Australia making  just under 1/25 of the Australian population. When we say “international students” we really mean it because they come from every corner of the world. Each and everyone of them took a leap of faith and decided to study in Australia. They couldn’t have made a better decision because Australia is recognised as having one of the best-designed education systems around the world. Moreover, seven Australian universities rank in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking (2019).

Internationally recognised qualification

A Student Visa is not only your chance to travel Down Under but also to get a global qualification with an internationally recognized certificate or degree. It goes without saying that you will have a perfect opportunity to improve your English significantly. You might even start sounding like an Australian because there is a high possibility you might pick up an Australian accent.

Are you still hesitating? 

Is it because you have a significant other and don’t want to leave your love behind? 

Good news is that you can bring your partner who will have the right to work in Australia as a dependent on your Student Visa! A Student Visa allows you to work up to 40 hours fortnightly and you can work without limitations during school holidays. In some cases we can help you to find courses which allow you and / or your partner to work unlimited hours.

Countless opportunities 

A Student Visa offers young people so many opportunities to study, work, explore, get to know people from different countries and cultures and make friends for a lifetime or even meet the love of your life. Life is beautiful but it can be more beautiful when you are in Australia!

For more Information about Student visa Fees and charges, please visit The Australian Department of Home Affairs website  here 

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