Bringing a partner with your student visa

Bringing a partner with your student visa

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Can I bring my partner with a student visa?

What is the cost of a Dependant (partner) Student Visa?

What are the additional requirements when applying for student visa with a Partner?

The simple answer is YES!

However, there are some requirements you need to fullfil in order to get your partner covered under your student visa. 

First things first, Are you married? if the answer is not, have you been living together – as a couple – for the past six+ months

If you have answer yes to one of the questions above, you and your partner can apply for student visa and student dependent visa, respectively. 

Remember, When preparing your visa application, make sure you declare your relation and fill up all information that applies not just for you , but your partner. Once done, attach the relevant evidence of your relationship. By Australian Migration standards, this includes – but it is not limited to: 

  1. Relationship Registration Document issued by a National Authority within your usual country of residency. In case of married couples, you are required to provide the Marriage Certificate 
  2. Proof of living arrangements where it is clearly identificable that you have been living together as a couple. For example, you can submit certificate of land/property ownership or Lease agreement under both names.
  3. Proof of financial commitment in the relationship. The Australian Government wants you to show that you mix your money, that you pool your financial means together and pay for everything as a unit. Thus, you are required to present utility Bills under both names, Joint Bank accounts, among others. 

Up to date, the Student Visa cost is $659, and the Student Dependant Visa (partner) is $485. There are additional costs involved when applying for a student visa with a partner or a child. These costs are associated with the Overseas Student Health Cover. 

You can use what you’ve learned today and try to do things on you own, or you can allow LinAs team to help you. We are giving a free consultations call, in which we will provide you with all information and guidance you need to succeed in your migration goals and experience an efficient, smooth and stress-free student enrolment and visa application process for you and your beloved one. 

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