Apartment, residence, homestay or hostel?​

International students in Australia can choose from a variety of accommodation options depending on the needs and the budget. Although finding good and affordable accommodation can be challenging, one of our advisors will help you find your ideal place free of charge. Whether you are looking for private or student accommodation there is an option for everyone. You can choose to live in a student house, a student village, a student room or a homestay with an Australian family – the choice is yours. Learn More

If you are not sure what type of accommodation is the best for you, don’t worry. We can arrange temporary accommodation for you so you can take your time and see different rental options. Once you make a decision where you want to stay while you study in Australia, we will help you out to rent your perfect place.

The costs of rent generally range from AU$140 up to AU$250 per person per week but it depends on the city you are going to live in. However, rest assured that no matter what your budget is, we will assist you in your search for that perfect place you are going to call home during your adventure in Australia.
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