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Those interested in Australia are well aware of the excellent working conditions – the abundance and variety of jobs, an interesting work culture, a stress-free lifestyle, and a salary that can easily reach and exceed 4,000 AUD per month for a full-time position.

International Passport Holders who have successfully obtained an Australian student visa are granted a work permit. These can not only support themselves, pay for their studies, but also travel or save. Especially now that the working hours are unlimited!

We will tell you about job opportunities, salaries, and other interesting things for students in Australia in this article.


What jobs do students have in Australia?

The variety of jobs in Australia surprises many visitors – from selling sports dancing shoes to walking dogs. The issue of work usually causes the most stress for incoming students. We assure you – everyone can find a job.

1. The most popular student works

Some student jobs do not require special skills. Most of them work as waiting for staff in cafes or restaurants, retail shop staff, construction sites, hostels, or hotels. Even when these types of roles do not require special skills, you should be open-minded and eager to learn, creative and proactive to secure performance.

For these types of jobs, we will advise you to directly to the advertised venue and request to speak with the manager or person in charge. These would give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the decision maker and luckily, secure your trial at a later date.

2. More interesting student works

Those who are willing to put in more effort and can present themselves well find more diverse jobs, for example: in surfing or other water sports schools and rental points, as dog walkers, and similar according to interests.

3. Skill-based jobs

Those who can do specialized work such as massage, beauty treatments, personal trainers, plumbing, auto mechanics, crafts, biology, chemistry, or others may find it easier to find employment and continue working in that field. And the salary is more attractive.

4. Jobs for driving enthusiasts

You will change your driving license to an Australian one upon arrival. And then the gates will open to jobs like home delivery or other types of transportation. Be aware in some cases, depending on the industry, you might need to provide your own vehicle.

5. Jobs for Businesses

For business-minded people looking for office-related options, there is a vast number of opportunities available. From full-time to casual staff, you can always find suitable jobs for different skills and expertise levels through online platforms, such as,, and  

If you are looking to create a social impact through your career, there are meaningful job opportunities within not-for-profit organisations. One of the most relevant job databases for this type of role is

If your English level isn’t optimal for business-related purposes, but still want to pursue a career within an office environment. You can always filter the job databases by language requirements, and you will be surprised at how many businesses are looking for overseas nationals who are able to perform their roles in their own mother tongue.


6. Jobs for Entrepreneurs

Some students value their expertise and are willing to embrace a start-up process where they can develop their own personal and professional connections. Thus, they pursue a career doing freelancing work or providing services or selling goods. This is simple, the only requirement is to get register a business name and get an Australian Business Number (ABN) for tax purposes.

7. For those learning English

If you can understand, write, and speak English well, there is an opportunity to become an English teacher for international students. You just need to successfully complete the 4–6-week course. English teachers can earn as much as AU$60-120 per hour. Not without ignoring the enormous possibility you might have to become a teacher of your own native language. Due to the multiculturality of Australian Society, there is high demand for foreign language classes, including Spanish, Estonian, Lithuanian, among others.

As we have mentioned earlier, the variety of jobs in Australia surprises many visitors. The opportunities are endless, and the working conditions and salary expectations are better than in many places, including Canada and the UK.  We invite you to start screening the options available to your professional profile as soon as your visa is granted, so you can have a better understanding of your salary expectations, as well as how you need to prepare yourself to secure an interview in Australia. However, you might be thinking about how would you, as a student in Australia, would be able to secure an interview and find a job. Let’s address this question in the next section of this article,

How to find a job as a student in Australia?

Let’s start with the fact that just coming to Australia will not give you a job offer on a plate. It will take time, effort, and maybe even travel around the city and stop in multiple venues to talk directly with the managers.

There are several ways to find a job, including:

• Sending a CV online through job search portals (e.g. Seek, Indeed)

• On-the-go live chat/call your favorite workplaces close to home

• Through Facebook groups. Search: Jobs in CITY (Sydney/Melbourne/etc.)

• By asking us. We cooperate with recruitment companies that help our students to get connected with employers.

When should you start looking for a job? Once I arrived in Australia or before leaving for Australia?

We will recommend you start looking for options online once their visa is granted. Thus, you can understand a bit more about the Australian employment market and set their expectations right.

If there is certainty on where you would reside in Australia, you can start applying for companies around your place of residence. Since the cities are quite big, carefully consider the distances between work, studies, and your place of residency as you won’t find it convenient to travel 2 hours per trip.

If I have recently arrived in Australia, when should I start looking for a job?

First - get some sleep

The truth is that as soon as you arrive in Australia, you will be greeted by the not-so-pleasant disruption of your biological clock, better known as “jet lag”. Due to the rapid crossing of time zones during the flight and the significant hour difference between Australia and your home country, your body will need several days to get used to the new regime.

We recommend these days not to stress about anything, allow yourself to rest, get used to your new environment and have a good time. Maybe you’ll come across some cafe while you’re out and about, and can make clear notes on what sort of experience you want to have in Australia and. What sort of job you would like to perform?

Second - start searching

After 2-5 days – after a good night’s sleep – the job search process becomes much more pleasant. This is the time to gather courage, eloquence, and other abilities and find a job as soon as possible so that you feel financially secure.

For those looking for a specific job based on skills or qualifications, we recommend finding any student job first to start generating income. By taking the financial stress off your shoulders, you will be able to devote enough time to find the job you want.

As an international Student, you can approach the international student office designated in your state or contact the career coach department within your college/University. Here, you will receive support with your Curriculum Vitae, job applications, and interview preparations. Overall, everything you will need to get ready and succeed within the Australian Job Market.

After clarifying the different job types that International Students can look for in Australia, and the strategy that we have seen work best for students to successfully land their ideal job, we would like to reassure you that while in Australia on a student visa, you will be able to fully support yourself with the available work permit. You will be able to cover your educational expenses and have enough to finance your travel and living expenses.

 The LinAs Australia team will be happy to tell you more and answer any questions you may have in a free consultation. Reserve a time and let’s chat online!

If you are interested in studying and working in Australia and want to talk about it? Want to know how to get a student visa in Australia and all the other conditions?

 The LinAs Australia team will be happy to tell you more and answer any questions you may have in a free consultation. Reserve a time and let’s chat online!

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