How to extend your stay in Australia

How to extend your stay in Australia

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How to extend your stay in Australia

Are you currently in Australia and trying to figure out how to stay here longer? Who wouldn’t want to live in warm weather all year round (although there are also ski slopes and mountains) and enjoy a safe welfare society, growing and learning in a young and friendly country that is full of opportunities?

You already know how nice the Australian weather is, how beautiful the beaches are and how happy and carefree the people are. Not to mention the good job opportunities and high salaries.

If your working holiday visa (WHV) is about to expire, but you need more time to receive a sponsored visa offer from your current employer; or you need time to collect the necessary documents for a partner visa application – then you can get more time with a student visa.

A student visa is also useful if you want to study or upgrade yourself in a field through which you can later apply for a skilled visa in order to get permanent residency.

Benefits of student visa

Australia’s vocational and higher education system provides a large number of opportunities – both in the form of vocational education and academic study. The list of specialties seems endless.

There are many different schools, you can take your studies seriously for the purpose of acquiring an education that can later be used on the path to a permanent residency, but you can also attend courses just to live and work in Australia for a while.

The last-mentioned courses rarely require attendance at school, and mainly involve simple schoolwork and assessments that are submitted over the internet.

In addition, many schools have campuses across Australia, making it very easy to change study locations. Some schools even offer it in their study plan – you can study the first semester in Melbourne, the second in Adelaide and then spend some time in Darwin!

Future Plans

When choosing a school and course, it is important to think clearly about your goal and plan. Do you want to study just to buy time for a year or two, and then move on to new visas, or do you want to study in a field important to you, gaining a qualification that can help you find a sponsor in the future or qualify for a skilled visa?

Namely, there are certain fields of study, which can give you higher chances of obtaining permanent residency through skilled visas, such as agriculture, medicine, education, the social sector, the construction sector, and cooking.

Fees and Financing

Vocational school fees start at $4,500 (for an onshore student) and university fees start at $15,000 per year. Of course, it is not necessary to pay this amount immediately. Generally, the yearly tuition is divided into 3-6 payments. Some schools even offer the option of paying by the month. Such payment plans allow you to easily balance your tuition fees and living expenses as you continue working.

School schedules are very flexible and allow enough time to go to work. As a rule, Australian employers are quite supportive of part-time work, you just have to find a suitable schedule.

Wages are up to $38 an hour in the service industry. Finding a job is not a problem considering today’s labour shortage Australia. According to the current regulations, foreign students are allowed to work full-time just like local students, which makes it even easier to save for tuition fees and provides for more financial security and a carefree living.

The breaks between study periods are quite long and provide an opportunity to focus even more on work. Or why not, just relax and enjoy Australia’s natural beauty

Practical opprtunities and work experience after studies

When choosing a school, it is worth investigating whether and which work experience opportunities are offered. It is an exciting opportunity to gain experience in the profession you are studying (if you do not already have it) and take a step closer to finding a permanent professional job.

If the goal was to obtain a permanent residency through a skilled visa, then it is definitely important to use the Graduate Work visa, which can be applied for after graduation.

Currently, the Graduate Work visa is valid for 2-4 years after higher education studies (depending on the region) and 2 years after vocational studies. This time is enough to secure the work experience you need and to put in place a plan for obtaining a permanent residence visa.

It is also worth considering the working area. Australia’s regional areas provide more favourable terms for both the length of the Graduate Work visa and offer skilled visas for more occupations.

If you find that the above information gave you ideas for further action; don’t wait. Think about what you have already done and what your next steps could be.

Book a free consultation, together we will find the best options and solutions according to your goals.

Act today and come and find your path!

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