How to Successfully Apply For a Rental Property in Australia

How to successfully apply for rental property in Australia

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Australia offers multiple accommodation options, from in-campus accommodation to house/flat sharing or property lease. Your preference could have been subject to financial capabilities, the intention to share with people from other countries or as simple as having your place to develop your credit history within the country. However, one of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was the reduction of rental prices, which resulted in the highly competitive rental market.

These days, it is normal to spot long queues of people at every inspection, making it harder for temporary visa holders to secure their lease. Fortunately, everyone at LinAs team has been renting in Australia for a while now. We have gathered valuable information for you.


These sure-fire tips guarantee that you and your rental application will stand out from the crowd.

Plan ahead!

Only attend inspections that suit your requirements, and be prepared to apply on the spot. I strongly recommend you to write down what you want or need in a house. Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the public transport and grocery shopping access, among other criteria. Only attend inspections that fulfil your requirements. 

It’s a waste of time to inspect residences that you don’t like or that don’t meet the criteria you’ve set.

Don’t look at rental properties until you want or need to.  

It’s pointless to look at houses if you are not ready to apply, as these properties are most likely to go out of the market by the time you are prepared to apply.

Never apply before you attend the inspection. 

Despite some people using this technique regularly to secure properties they like online, you need to consider that: 

  1. properties do not always look like it is shown in the photos. I can’t stress this enough.  Images can sometimes be edited and modified to make places look brighter and bigger. I, personally, have attended many inspections thinking it was my dream house and I was disappointed with the real status of the property. 
  2. Even when the property looks nice, the inspection always helps you identify the living habits of the apartment complex. for example, consider the smell in the property, the common areas, the laundry lines in the balconies, the shoes outside the door, the cigarette bugs, the rubbish, the dog poo, among others. You would only see these unspoken rules, when attending inspections. 
  3. This could indicate to the rental agent that you are unconcerned about the home and will not properly care for it, or that you are desperate for any housing, regardless of its condition. 
Get a decent list of references. 

You can efficiently utilise the previous housemates and landlords as reliable references if you have previously rented in Australia. However, if you have no rental history in Australia, you can approach anyone with sufficient authority to respect property, such as a professor, an employer or/and a friend’s parent. You can also collect statements from friends or family members that you have stayed in the past with and where they state how nice it was for them to have you in their home and how respectful and clean you were. 

Prepare your payslips.

Get the best-looking ones if you’re a casual. Don’t send in payslips from the jobs where you worked the fewest hours. Try to show with your bank statements and payslips a regular source of income; Enough to meet the rent on weekly basis. 

Selecting Moving Date 

Set the moving date the closed to the day the property is available. This would encourage the landlord to pick up your application or stand out against the others. 

When applying on spot.

If you fell in love with the property, you can apply during the inspection by filling up the form. However, remember to follow up with the property manager via email to ensure your application has not been lost during the rush of the inspection date. If possible, attach a digital copy of your application to the email, so it is clearly identified and saved for later assessment. 

When applying online. 

If the real state agency only uses online applications, make sure you prepare and fill out the form as soon as you know you wish to rent the home. For desperate it might sound, property managers might review applications submitted first, which would make a big difference between getting the property and not getting the property. 

Remember to contact your employer and previous landlords to request they validate your references on the system as soon as possible so your assessment does not get delayed. 

If you are attending an inspection, 

If you are attending an Inspection, and you decide to apply on the spot. You can fill up the physical copy. However, remember that physical copies can be lost and so, it will be important for you to follow up on your applicatioon by contacting the property manager directly and sending a digital copy of your application. 

Make a good impression – Introduce yourself to the Property Manager and dress well . This way, you’re more likely to make an impact and as in a job interview,  it would be easier for the property manager to remember you. If you have any particular aspect that you like about the house or the neighbourhood, let the rental agent know, so they understand how enthusiastic you are about this property and so, you will not  break your lease.  

After the inspection.

Call the agent to inform ask if they have received your application. This is an excellent idea to showcase your intention to be considered fro the property, but also gives the property manager opportunity to ask you questions if needed. 

If it doesn’t work out, try again!

There were probably a number of individuals looking at the same house at the same time. Don’t give up hope!

Above all, remember to stay safe!

Renting your own space would grant you lots of independence, but it demands responsibility. It is important for you to understand  your rights as a renter in Australia



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