Recognition of prior learning (RPL): What it is and how to apply.

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Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an assessment process in which a person’s skills and Knowledge are validated independently if they were gathered in Australia or overseas. The assessment then determines to what extent a life experience, work or other activities such as short courses or volunteering have provided learning outcomes similar to the desired qualification. Thus, it recognises and provides credits against units of competency, often shortening the time needed to undertake a qualification.

To RPL takes up to 2 weeks to receive the certification. Still, time is relative to how well you can confirm your experience and Knowledge through a series of documents, including but not limited to:

100 ID points (passport, driver's license, bank card, etc.)


Two Reference Letters

Photos and videos (may or may not be required for each certificate of completion)

Evidence of work (i.e Payslips and invoices)

RPL can be applied to all areas of Knowledge, including automotive, building and construction, business and finance, civil construction, community services, engineer, fitness and recreation, hair and beauty, health and massage, commercial cookery and hospitality, information technology, meat processing, plumbing services, transport and logistics, retail services and entertainment.

Please remember that the proof of experience, knowledge and skills may be subject to variations based on the industrial sector to which it applies. Please get in touch if you require a one-on-one consultation to see how RPL can be applied to your particular circumstances.  

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