July Intake – All you need to know and do!

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July is the second major intake In Australia after February. It has a limited number of Universities and colleagues offering a significant number of courses to choose from.

Despite all education providers have different deadlines, most enrolment processes take place in April and May. Application procedures should be planned accordingly as students require to successfully meet English scores and any other requirement based on the selected course, provider, and territory.

If you are planning to Study in July Intake, these 6-steps are just right for you! Remember this process can be overwhelming, but you are not alone – LinAs would be happy to assist you FREE of Charge

6-Steps process to start your course in July Intake
1. Shortlist the courses and providers – make sure your preferences match your interest, academic needs, or personal motives. 2. Find out application deadlines for each of your selected courses, along with all requirements you need to fulfil in each of them. 3. Have your English evidence ready if that's required. 4. Apply to the college or University. 5. Make a payment for studies and receive an enrolment offer (COE) which will be an official document proving that you were accepted by the college/university. 6. Once you are all set up, you will need to apply for the Student Visa to ensure you are allowed to study, live and work in Australia. Don't worry, LinAs will do that for you.

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