Why is everyone talking about the GOLDEN AGE in Australia?

Golden Age in Australia

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Many International Students and Working Holiday visa holders across the globe are selecting Australia as their preferred destination. The current labour shortages bring many opportunities for skilled migrants to upskill themselves and pursue different Permanent Residency Pathways.
What are some of the benefits you would enjoy in Australia during these valuable times?

  1.  Full working rights for student visa holders. 
  2. Plenty of work opportunities, including those that help you undertake occupations listed on the skilled migration list.
  3.  Many competitive industries to work in and gain experience at. 
  4. International Students are getting sponsored Jobs. 
  5. Salaries between $35 – $55 per hour. Average annual salary of $56,000 – $65,000
  6. Extended length of the Graduate 485 visa, opening more avenues for international students to gain the experience required for Permanent Residency purposes.  
    1. After completing a Master’s degree in Australia, graduates can now enjoy a three-year work experience visa instead of a two-year visa. 
    2. Those studying two-year vocational courses are eligible for two years of work experience visas after course completion independently of the area of education.

If you are in Australia, remember every day counts. Make smart decisions and secure the future you want.

If you are abroad, What are you waiting for? Australia is the place to be. We cant wait to welcome you here. Get in touch today if you would like to talk with one of our experts about the different visas and so, learn which one suits best your plans!

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