Student Discounts Australia

Student Discounts Australia

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Did you know that International students have access to exclusive discounts on Fashion, Tech, food and more when holding a valid student card? Yeah, you heard that right!

There is a complete guide of discounts and best deals for international students, and we have covered it for you here. keep reading 🙂

While being in Australian, an International Student can have a lifetime experience. However, it might also be challenging to find a work-life balance, especially with the cost of accommodation, utilities, transport, tuition fees, leisure activities, among others. Australia has so many things to offer, and many enterprises have committed to supporting students in their education and experience abroad. Thus, students can access discounts on online shopping, apps and in-store with highly-recognised brands.

Discounts available to International Students!

UNiDAYS & Student Beans

Unidays and Student Beans, for example, are online platforms where students can create an account and access a wide range of items, including Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Technology, Food & furniture. Students can shop directly with world-wide enterprises on these two websites at a discounted fare. Depending on the product and brand, students can enjoy up to 50% off, including technology products. Students need to verify their student status through the University or College portal to unlock the discount codes.

Student Flights

Student flights (today known as Student Universe)  offer special tariffs and deals in flight tickets, tours and accommodation for students and people under 30s. Thus, you can save big time when travelling interstate or internationally when studying in Australia. To access these savings, you would be required to present a valid student or proof of age card to confirm your eligibility for the discounted fares.

Student Edge

Like UNiDAYS, Student Edge offers discounts on specific fashion and technological devices. However, its forte is the promotion of food and entertainment activities. Therefore, if you are a student in Australia, you can enjoy Churros, Movie tickets and skydive with up to 50% off. isn’t it great?

Music Streaming Programs

Spotify, iTunes, and other music streaming providers offer student subscription discounts. These can save you up to 50 per cent on the original price, paying only $5.99 a month for a premium level subscription on both services. To be eligible, you will need to prove your enrolment at an accredited higher education institution in Australia.

Concession Fare on Public Transport

Students living in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland or Western Australia are eligible for a concession fare on public transport if they’re studying full-time at an accredited institution. Students in Sydney and Melbourne do not have access to concession cards unless they belong to exchange programs or government-funded scholarships

Outstanding offers with world-wide brands

There are many enterprises that International students can approach to enjoy student discounts and make the best out of their experience in Australia. Apple, JB HiFi, Amazon, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Lenovo, HP, and Huawei have outstanding deals for international students when it comes to technological devices. Up to 30% deals and free items with the purchases are always a good option for those looking to optimise their abroad experience.

Specsavers has $100 off for students in all glasses and contact lenses.

Vodafone and Optus offer 10% discounts to students and many e-commerces, such as, The iconic, and are available with up to 55% off.

What are you waiting for? start enjoying your abroad experience and safe big-time in Australia while doing so. Many things and activities are available for you!

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