Are you into Readying? a few strategies to read in Australia with zero or reduced expenditure.

a few strategies to read in Australia with zero or reduced expenditure.

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Are you into reading? 

A few strategies to read in Australia with zero or reduced expenditure.

‘Once I first came to Australia, I was told reading was one of the easiest and most unconscious ways to develop your English proficiency. It allows you to capture the general meaning, expanding your vocabulary, your grammar and even, your daily expression. 

I won’t lie to you by saying I used to read a lot, at least one book per week and yes, I still got surprised by my sayings and my knowledge. I remember engaging with my Australian friends and thinking, ‘oh wow, I said that!’… ‘I don’t even know how to spell the word, but I do know the meaning and the pronunciation. 

Not sure if this is the same case with many of you, as times have changed, and going to college and reading while on public transport is no longer a thing. I would like to invite you all to read a bit more, especially when it is in another language. It develops many skills and opens many doors. 

If you belong to those thinking reading has become an expensive hobby, We are happy to share a few strategies to read in Australia with zero or reduced expenditure. 

  1. Avoid fancy bookshops. If you would like to buy a brand new book, go to Kmart, Big W, and Target. They have the same range of books at a lower price. 
  2. Purchase a secondhand Book – Many bookstores in Australia only trade second-hand books, prices varied but easily could start from $1 to $2. Usually, you can find the classics hems here and money is a simple representation to keep the publishing media alive.
  3. Subscribe to your nearest public library. You would only require proof of identity and proof of address. Thus, your passport and a letter from your bank, school, or health insurance with your address are enough to get your subscription active and for you to start loaning a few books per week. 
  4. Take advantage of the Street Libraries. In Australia, you will find tiny little stands with books everywhere. it could be in front of a house, in a coffee shop, or even, in the lobby of a corporate office. These are the well-known street libraries, and they follow a free book exchange system. You take one, leave one if you can. Otherwise, you just take one and keep the reading habit alive. It would be good to share this and other books that you might have at hand with someone else. 
  5. Subscribe to Scribd – The largest digital Library, which has e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. It has a 30-day free trial, and if you like it, the monthly cost is only $14.99 per month. 

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