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Visa Promotion - Terms & Conditions

  1. Visas would be financed by LinAs if the student enrols in any of the courses provided by Torrens University, King’s Own Institute, Academy of Information Technology, Academic College of Business Intelligence (ACBI), Albright and Kenvale.
  2. If the course selected is from the higher education sector (Torrens University, King’s Own Institute and Academy of Information Technology), students will not pay anything for the visa fees as LinAs would cover the value during their application.
  3. If the student enrols in any course provided by Academic College of Business Intelligence (ACBI), Albright and Kenvale, the visa amount will be paid by the student upfront and LinAs will reimburse the money in the student account as follows: First Payment $150, $30 each term until Visa fee is fully covered by LinAs.
  4. The Visa Expiration day is by latest the last week of August.
  5. Student first tuition fees should be paid by the end of May.
  6. The approach follow is first to come, first to be serve – this means, who ever get in touch first with all the requirements would be the lucky winner of the FREE Student Visa.
  7. If by any circumstance, any recipient of the FREE Visa decides to abandon their studies, they will need to re-pay to LinAs the visa cost or whatever payments LinAs has transferred for this purpose.
  8. Limited Visas Available (10)
  9. Promotion valid only for new enrolments with selected partners.

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