Vaccine Passport In Australia

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Freedom is around the corner and we are all rushing in to take an active part of it – But have you sorted your Vaccination Passport YET? 

Many are missing Vaccines, and many do not know what to do without medicare. Don’t you worry, we are giving you a step by step of how to get everything sorted from the vaccines that are gone missing to how to get the passport on your digital Wallet . Isn’t it great? 😉

  1. Visit and access your account by entering your user name and Password. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one by clicking in create an account and verify your identity with two personal ID documents. You can opt for the passport number, the driver licence, and your visa within the options.
  2. When you are on the home page, you scroll down to other services and select Individual Healthcare Identifier Service.
  3.  In the Individual Healthcare Identifiers section, you will have two options to select from: I have IHI Number, or I do not have one

If you select the second option – I do not have one – you are required to validate your identity again by entering your passport and current visa details. Now you have a valid IHI Number

4. Once on the IHI Number page, select view Immunisation History, and you will find all your vaccination records there. 

🚨 What to do if your Vaccine is not Recorded yet?

Have you taken it within less than 15 business days? 🕑 You should wait few more days until your vaccine record is uploaded into your IHI Number.

More than 15 business days since you got the Jab? Contact 1800 653 809 to validate your information and see what’s wrong with your record 😓.

🚨 My Vaccine Records have gone missing 😱, they can not find it on the system!

Don’t you worry! It is most likely the clinic has not submitted your records as they do not have your IHI Number. Please call your vaccination clinic directly or phone 1800 955 566. If nothing happens, and you took the Jab in Sydney Olympic part, RPA Hospital, Bicentennial Park , Sydney Airport or Canterbury Hospital, fill the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Query – 

5. A step closer to Freedom! 💃

Once your two vaccines are registered on the Immunisation History Record, you will get the option to add your COVID-19 Digital Certificate to your Digital Wallet. Select either add to apple wallet or Google Play and you are all good to go!  

We hope this information is valuable for you, especially when we are all getting ready for the reopening. Follow us on Instagram and FB  to get more useful information, from Migration tips and internship programs to job offers and more!

 Keep living your OZExperience to the fullest, and remember to get in touch with us in case you want to extend your time in Australia.  


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